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Grasshoppers  28.9.17

Another week has flown by already! Well done everybody for your hard work and for all the fun we have had.

Thank-you to everyone in Year 1 who has sent in baby and toddler photographs. They are beautiful! If you haven’t done so yet, please do send in some photos if possible. It has been lovely to share the photos and to see how we have changed. Next week we shall all be thinking about what we want to be when we grow up!

Children who are in Year 2 will be starting homework, as well as reading at home, from this week. Have fun doing the activities together!

In maths this week we have been finding out about number bonds to ten and how they can help you find the answers to lots of other calculations, quickly and accurately. Have you heard the number bond song yet? If not, please do ask.

In literacy we have been exploring ideas for stories about an animal who is not allowed to come to school and how the animal can help when something goes wrong. Our favourite idea so far is everyone riding on an elephant when the school bus breaks down on a school trip! In phonics we are thinking about oa, oe, o-e and ow. Our tricky words have been ‘are’ and ‘were’. We have also been learning more about ‘-ed’ and ‘-ing’ and when to use these at the end of words.

In science this week we have been thinking about listening and how our ears work. We could hear lots of sounds in Forest School, as well as ourselves! Children in Year 1 are learning more about the season. Children in Year 2 are comparing human sight and hearing with sight and hearing in the animal world. Do you know where a grasshopper’s ears are? You might be surprised by the answer! We are very pleased that some of our caterpillars are changing into cocoons; some of the caterpillars have been raided by wasps’ eggs, such is nature. We are very pleased to have some grasshoppers and crickets in school to look at and to look after. In the wild they would die when the first frosts come but inside, ours should survive until Christmas.

On Monday we have our Harvest celebration in church. This is at 2:00pm. We are looking forward to performing our Harvest rap and hopefully we won’t feel too shy! Please join us if you can.

Wishing you all a safe and happy few days in the meantime.

With best wishes,

Catherine Thomas