At Chagford Primary school we use the Babcock Literacy planning to support and develop our English planning across the school. The Babcock planning is written by the Devon Literacy Advisory team. Each class has a ‘working wall’ to support and extend children’s current learning, as well as showcasing pupils’ developing work. Each unit can run from two to four weeks and a unit usually consists of one book or author. We learn the style of the book in depth and use the ‘Talk for writing’ format by Pie Corbett to support and scaffold class, group and individual written work. 


All members of staff have been trained  to support the Sentence Toolkit for teachers, which is used from Foundation Stage to Year 6. This supports both grammar and writing across the school. We use group and individual targets to assess pupil’s progress. Teachers’ marking will help to extend children’s learning and shape their next steps. As teachers we all model and teach the same letter formation throughout the school for our handwriting. This can be seen on display in all classes. 

Progression in phonics is key to the daily teaching in learning in FS and KS1. We follow the Letters and Sounds Systematic Synthetic Phonics programme. This is taught through games, songs, actions and repetition, supported by decodable phonics reading books. We follow the Dandelion Readers scheme of books which supports the phonetical acquisition of reading skills needed for early reading and for those children who need to support to catch up later in their primary education with their reading, we use the Dandelion catch up series from Phonics books. Reading books are sent home regularly for either your child to read, or be read to, supported by you. The positive comments from parents and carers can be written in the Home School Diary. We use these to assess your child’s progress. Group reading also takes place in classes from KS1 and further developed in KS2. Homework is organised by each class teacher to reflect our agreed Teaching and Learning Policy. 

In October 2015 we introduced the Accelerated Reader programme for Key Stage 2, to support breadth and enjoyment of reading across Key Stage 2.

In 2017/18, as at the end of June, we’ve read 1791 books – that’s nearly 20,000,000 words!