Physical Education, Daily Physical Activity and School Sport (PEDPASS)

Physical education develops pupils’ physical competence and confidence, and their ability to use these to perform in a range of activities. It promotes physical skillfulness, physical development and knowledge of the body in action. Physical education provides opportunities for pupils to be creative, competitive and to face up to different challenges as individuals and in groups and teams. It promotes positive attitudes towards active and healthy lifestyles. Pupils learn how to think in different ways to suit a wide variety of creative, competitive and challenging activities. They learn how to plan, perform and evaluate actions, ideas and performances to improve their quality and effectiveness. Through this process pupils discover that aptitudes, abilities and preferences, and to make choices about how to get involved in lifelong physical activity.

The school has good facilities for sport with tarmaced areas, a good sized sports hall and a large playing field. As well as promoting an enjoyment of physical activity, as a Healthy School we encourage children to understand what it means to pursue a healthy lifestyle.

PE and Daily Physical Activity

A wide range of PE is delivered, which aims to engage and inspire all pupils. Lessons are taught by class teachers and our subject specialist. All the children receive 2 hours a week of PE lessons based on the New National Curriculum.

Foundation Stage

In Foundation Stage (preschool and Reception class) the children take part in a programme called ‘Leap Into Life daily; a physical literacy programme that helps to develop the children’s core skills. Leap into Life is centred on four strands: Functional movement (fundamental movement skills); Aesthetic movement (body awareness/ dance focussed); Manipulative skills (using equipment and apparatus); and Movement Concepts (how, where and why to move).  Each strand is taught progressively. In addition our very youngest children take part in ‘Sticky Kids’; a movement to music programme specifically designed for introducing those functional core skills in a fun and enjoyable sing-a-long session. The children also have the opportunity to have a longer PE session where they can begin to apply these skills into games.

Key stage 1 and 2

In Key Stage1, the children learn movement skills through Gymnastics, Games, Dance, Athletics, Cricket and Tennis. The levels taught depend on the children’s ages and ability levels. There are some opportunities for whole class festivals with other schools within the Okehampton Learning Community and OCRA. In Key Stage 2, the children  learn skills through:

  • Gymnastics
  • Invasion games, such as Netball, Rugby, Hockey and Football
  • Striking and fielding games such as Cricket and Rounders
  • Ball games such as Tennis,
  • Dance, Orienteering and Adventurous activities and Swimming.


The levels taught depend on the children’s ages and ability levels. There are some opportunities for whole class festivals and more competitive tournaments with other schools within the Okehampton Learning Community and OCRA. Sports Day in the summer term allows all the children from across the school to come together for a day of sport and demonstrate the skills that they have learnt throughout the year.



School Sport and Extra Curricular

The school offers the children a wide variety of extra curricular clubs and sporting opportunities organized and run by committed teaching staff and are free of charge. We also have extremely strong links with the local Cricket, Football and Cricket clubs as well as OCRA (Okehampton Community and Recreation Association). Some additional clubs led by external providers have been introduced which parents pay for and these are well attended.

We train our older children to become Young Sports Leaders and they run lunchtime active sessions for younger children to develop physical skills and an enthusiasm for games. These children will be given a budget to purchase playtime specific equipment. 

Although not all our children attend an active after school club, teachers actively encourage those not attending after school clubs to find alternative ways to develop healthy lifestyles. We promote local clubs and holiday activities, including our own onsite ‘Out of School’ club via our newsletter and distribution of flyers.

The whole school takes part in our annual Sports Day every summer term, which is often wet but we still enjoy it and have lots of fun! Here are some photos from Sports Day 2013

DSCF1285 2 opt   DSCF1305 2 opt

DSCF1298 2 opt   SPORTS DAY 9 opt

 Dartmoor Cup 2013


Congratulations to the two Chagford Primary cricket teams that took part in the Meldon Cup before 1/2 term. Both teams competed competitively and were great ambassadors of the school.


Netball 2013

Congratulations to our netball and football teams for getting through to the West Devon finals, February 2013. Our netball team came 3rd and our football team came 5th.

Dartmoor Cup 2012

Dartmoor Cup 2012

dartmoorcup2012   dartmoorcup22102   

Thank you to Chris Mount for organising such a wonderful event for our learning community.
Barnaby Waddell was presented an award for his fabulous batting – well done Barnaby!

Weaver Cup 2012

weavercup22012   weavercup32012

Congratulations to all the runners from Chagford school who competed in the Weaver Cup today (23rd May 2012.) The team came second overall out of eight schools. In the girls race Livy came in first with Tilly close behind in third place. Jamie came 4th out of all the runners in the race.

weavercup2012   weavercup42012


Well done to everyone who took part.