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Welcome back to our new term and to a full 8 weeks of glitter in the run up to CHRISTMAS!!!! Too soon??!! Sorry…

Back to this week then and it’s been very busy.








We started the week with a talk about fire safety in preparation for bonfire night and our annual visit from the Chagford fire service. Then on Tuesday Mark and Nat brought the fire engine over for the children to see. The firemen showed us around the engine and talked to us about staying safe and what to do if we spot a fire. We then got to use the hose and havg Mrs Thomas’s car a really good clean!








We made spooky Halloween pictures using a tonne of glitter! Which is probably currently all over your kitchen floors!





Chantel did Apple pressing with the whole school on Wednesday which was then available at the school Halloween party.









On Wednesday we also had a spooky dressing up challenge in PE; the fastest person to put on their Halloween costume got a team point!

We finished the week making a poppy wreath to go on display in the church so please go along to have a look at ours and the rest of the schools contributions.

Have a great weekend

Sara and the team