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We have had a busy week this week and the children have been working very hard and doing lots of thinking and idea sharing!

We started the week looking at what things are made of; each of the children then went and found an object and we had to decide what it was made of and was that a natural or a man-made material.








We have been doing more measuring and this week we have been ordering items by their height of length; sorting from the shortest or smallest to the tallest, longest or biggest. The older children then write a short sentence, using all their phonetic knowledge, about their order of items.







We have also been experimenting with what happens when you freeze things; we froze hand soap, jelly, custard, slime and a pen to name a few! We then looked at them the following day to see how they had changed and how they felt!







Also this week we have been painting and moulding play dough, counting and releasing some energy on the soft play! All in all a pretty exhausting and fun packed week!












Next week there is a visit from the ‘Birdman’ and the children will have an opportunity to have their photo taken with a bird! You will need to fill out the form and return it to the school office before Wednesday.

Have a great weekend.

Sara and the FSU team