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This week we have again, continued with our space theme. We have been spending a lot of time talking about the sun, the earth and the moon and on Monday we went into the sensory room with a globe, a tennis ball and a torch to recreate the movement of the earth and the moon round the sun. It was quite tricky in a small, dark space but the outcome was that the children were able to answer questions in a BBC bitesize science quiz (for KS3) and got 4/6 correct!







Matilda was also then able to explain very clearly why we have night and day!







We have learnt all our single sounds in phonics now and this week we have practised writing the whole alphabet. We have also been learning digrapgh – 2 letters making one sound such as ‘ch’ and ‘sh’ – and also continued with our high frequency word recognition.







During PE we did the usual 20 minute running in circles to warm up followed by working with a partner to practise our throwing and catching skills and finished off with a very competitive beanbag game!





And finally, our star of the day today was Evan for his exceptionally good manners and politeness to everyone!

Have a great weekend

Sara and the team

P.S. Don’t forget to remind anyone you know who is looking for a preschool or to join a reception class we are having our Early Years Open Day on Monday from 9.30am til 12pm.