In order for children to develop a love of learning and achieve their best, we encourage all children to have high levels of attendance and punctuality. In promoting good punctuality and attendance we are also helping children to develop good habits and practices that will equip them for secondary school and their working lives as adults.

Please read our Attendance Policy Attendance_Policy.

Please take the time to read our Attendance Leaflet  Attendance Leaflet

Rights and Responsibilities

The School:

● expects pupils to attend school regularly and to arrive in a fit condition to learn.
● will publish our attendance policy on our website.
● will give parents regular feedback on school and pupil attendance levels through newsletters and award certificates
● will investigate all absenteeism.
● will set a good example in matters of attendance and punctuality
● will work closely with parents/carers should attendance/punctuality give cause for concern.
● will work with the Education Welfare Officer (EWO) to complete Annual Attendance Health Checks


● will ensure that they attend regularly and on time.
● will have individual records of attendance/punctuality acknowledged by the school.

Parents / Guardians are responsible for:

● ensuring their children attend school regularly, punctually and are properly dressed and in a fit condition to learn.
● informing the school of the reason for any unplanned absence (by letter, phone call or personal visit) on each day of absence, as soon as possible.
● submitting an Absence Request Form for all planned absences, including medical appointments. Where possible, dental appointments should be made outside of school hours.
● ensuring the school always has up to date contact numbers.

Parental Request for Authorised Absence in Term Time

Parents should not expect, as a right, that the school will authorise absence in term time. Each application will be considered individually. The Pupil Registration Regulations 2013 have removed the right for parents to request holidays in term time, and for head teachers to grant them. Holidays within term time can only be authorised in exceptional circumstances.

An Absence Request Form must be completed in advance of any occasion that requires absence from school. You can download the form here.

S2 Absence Request Form