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The exciting news this week (other than the snow of course!) is that we have all entered the Chagword Short Story Competition. Based on the theme of ‘Extraordinary Meetings’, we have used our versions of ‘Oi Frog!’ where a range of animals come across animals they wouldn’t normally. On top of that, they are being told to sit on bizzare objects too! Hopefully we will have a winner from our class. Fingers crossed! Here are a few of the stories below…

In art, we finally finished off our animal collages in the style of Eric Carle. We drew outlines of our chosen animal, cut out pieces of different colour card and paper and then stuck them down using PVA glue. Can you work out some of the animals we made…

We have now begun creating African sunset paintings. We have used paint to create our sunset by painting in strips of purple, yellow, red and orange. Next week, we will add silhouettes of African animals (which we have discovered during Geography!) using black paper and stencils. Watch out for some fantastic art coming your way next week!

In science, we sorted animals into pets and wild animals. After this, we considered why it is a big responsibility to have a pet. We now know that to have a pet we must provide these basic needs:

  • diet – food and water
  • medicine – taking to the vet if poorly
  • shelter – a nice place to live
  • space – a big enough space to get exercise

In maths, we have been using a number line to help us solve subtraction problems. We are trying to use our number fact knowledge to help us make bigger jumps so we can solve the answer quicker (e.g. 14 – 6 = 14 – 4 = 10 – 2 = 8). We have then solved word problems which involve subtraction, using a number line to help us prove our answer.

Finally, we have continued looking at mechanisms and this week have made moving pictures using sliders. We will use this to help us make moving pictures for our versions of Oi Frog.

Click on the link below to see a slider in action.


Can I just take this opportunity to also mention that I will start sending two books home with your child as I am currently unable to get through as many children as I would like to in a week on my own. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Finally, just a reminder that it is our assembly on Thursday 7th February at 3pm. We will be sharing our exciting learning all about amazing animals and we would love for all of you to come. Hope to see you all.

Until then, have an excellent weekend.

Mr Smith and the Year 1 team