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Where does the time go? We’ve now come to the end of Spring Term Week 9, only 3 more to go until the Easter Break. And as ever, this week has been action packed full of fun learning activities…

We have had the paints out once again and explored mixing white in order to make tints. We noticed that adding white will make a colour go lighter. We focused on the colour blue and creating different tints of the colour. This will come in handy when painting a landscape painting of the sea in the coming weeks.

In science, we got out our pots of cress to see which conditions are best for growing plants. One pot was in the cupboard, one pot was on the window sill with water and the other was on the window sill but without water. Can you work out which pot is which in the picture below?

Miss Carter then taught us about the different parts of a plant and the important jobs they do. To do this, the children had great fun making their own plant from a range of materials…

Can you name the parts in Joe’s flower above? Root, Stem, Flower, Leaves. What is the job of each part?

We’ve also begun comparing Chagford to Bude (our destination for our trip in a couple of weeks time). We used a range of geographical vocabulary in order to look at what is the same and what is different. We used words like cliff, hill, sea, coast, farm, beach, house, woods, road, village, town and shop.

The children will get first hand experience of this when visiting Bude on Wednesday 27th March. They will be able to explore the coast, beach and cliffs of Bude, going on a geographical word scavenger hunt. More details to follow about our exciting trip in a letter which should be sent out today.

Finally, in Maths, we have been exploring weight with Miss Carter. The children have enjoyed getting the scales out to see which items in the classroom are heavier/lighter. We have also used blocks to weigh how heavy an item is. This practical experience has enabled the children to successfully use language associated with measuring weight.

That is all for now. Have a great weekend. I hope you don’t get blown away!!

Mr Smith, Miss Carter and the Year 1 Team.