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This week in Beech class, we have been taking part in lots of exciting learning activities…

In Art, we have looked at the famous artist Andy Warhol and his Pop Art. We were given an envelope of one of his toy prints that was cut up and we had to stick it back together. We quickly realised that Andy Warhol likes to use repeated images and bright colours. We then had a go at using highlighters to create our own repeating bright images.

Chantal (Athur’s Mum) started her weekly Yoga sessions with the class on Thursday. This is in addition to our 2 PE lessons and Mile-a-Week challenge that already take place in Beech class. The children loved this and are already looking forward to next week’s sessions. Beech class certainly love being fit, healthy and active…

In PE, the children are learning to run for speed and distance as part of Athletics (and in preparation for Sport’s Day!). We started by walking, built this up to a march and then finally a run. We noticed how important the swing in our arms is for running. We then had some races in our house teams.

In English, the children were brilliant at using interesting verbs to create an exciting sentence about their toy in the present tense. We are using the present tense so it seems as if the toy is actually being played with. In order to do this, we had to add the suffix -ing to our verbs. Here are a list of some of our exciting verbs…

In Maths, children have continued learning the concept of multiplication, this time focussing on our 5’s. We matched number sentences to visual representations in order to help us work out times table problems.

In History, we have been learning all about toys. We were very lucky to have Oliver and Arnold’s mums come in to tell us about their toys when they were children. We had lots of questions for them and we loved finding out about their toys. If anyone else would like to come and share their toys from their childhood, please speak to myself or Miss Carter as I know the children would love to hear and find out about this.

Finally, as the phonics screening draws ever closer, please ensure that you are listening to your child read as often as possible to help them with identifying their sounds to tackle new and unfamiliar words. Please also ensure that books are in every day.

Another reminder that, on Monday 20th May, the children of Beech Class will be inviting parents in to help with a junk modelling activity. Please keep this afternoon free if possible. More information to follow nearer the time.

Have an excellent long weekend and we look forward to seeing you next Tuesday.

Mr Smith, Miss Carter and the Year 1 Team.