This week in Beech Class, the children have been busy completing a number of learning activities…

In Maths, we have been looking at the place value of numbers; understanding where the tens are and where the ones are. We have used a range of resources to help us do this (Numicon, Base 10, bead strings, 100 squares and number lines). This has enabled us to compare numbers, using the language of greater, greatest, bigger, biggest, smaller, smallest, less and least.

In English, Miss Carter has helped us learn about the features of a set on instructions so that we can write our very own set of instructions. We now know what a title is used for, why there is a ‘you will need section’ and the importance of the numbers and time adverbs (firstly, next, then, etc.). We then put this knowledge into action by writing ‘How to make a treasure map’.

But before that, we had to actually make a tea stained treasure map…#

In Music, we learnt a pirate song (A Pirate went to Sea) and performed it within groups. Each group had a verse to sing, with everyone joining in with the chorus. We also started a new pirate song (The Day I went to Sea) which we will be practicing and performing over the final couple of weeks.

Finally, in computing, we have continued our work on Coding and Algorithms with digital devices. Some children created code on the tablets by giving instructions in order to move a wolf to the different homes. Others used the BeeBots (or Mice!) to move in certain directions. This week we focused on debugging our code when it went wrong. This means working out our mistakes, and correcting it in order for it to work the way we want. If your child wants to, they can access some computing activities at

Have a great weekend.

Mr Smith, Miss Carter and the Year 1 Team

(I definitely did not forget to publish this last week!)