Last Tuesday we had our sports day at the cricket ground and it was very hot! We have teams that are different colours: blue, red, green and yellow. I am in green and we won last year. However, this year we lost to blue. We had lots of different races, I did skipping, egg and spoon and three-legged. The one that was most difficult to me was the three-legged, I did this with my friend Chloe G. We did it last year and we lost and we thought we might do better but we lost again! In the three-legged race, our biggest rival was Bryony and Jess who won last year and this year!

The year sixes every year do a Spectacular where they race and have to go through food, soapy water and flour! This year they had to put one foot in a boot full of custard and do ten star jumps, then race under hurdles, then slide through fairy liquid and cold water and then put a helmet with flour inside on their head and floss! It was very funny and I felt excited for next year when it’s my turn.

In our school, every year we have a swimming gala. We go to Chagford pool to have lessons and only key stage 2 go swimming. Four people from every class in key stage 2 are chosen for the gala. In our class, Daisy R, River, Louis and I were chosen. We do it at Oke pool and the teachers choose the races for the children. I don’t know what I am doing yet but hopefully I will soon, I can’t wait!

As this is my last blog, I wanted to say thank you to Miss Miller for helping our class a lot.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my blogs!

Chloe D

Chantel gave each of the groups in the Garden Off a  massive plant pot to keep their garden in. Each group got 2 pots each and sunflower as well. We moved our plants into the big pots so they have more space to grow and get bigger. Our gardens are definitely getting bigger; some groups even have a flower blooming! It still isn’t clear to me who will win though.

One of the big changes at Chagford School is the humungous new school building that is being constructed out front. The builders have painted a lot of the school and it’s looking almost done. There’s a lot of work to do on the floor outside though and probably quite a bit inside too.  The whole class is excited about going to the new school, partly because it has a top floor which KS2 will be learning in. KS1 will be learning downstairs and the playground will be where the school is now. The hall in the new school is going to be a lot bigger than the one here and we’ll be able to perform our Christmas plays in it! The kitchen will also be a lot bigger which will be useful for Marie and Mrs Bennie. It’s all looking very good and I’m sure the whole school will have lots of fun exploring it!

This is going to be my last blog so I hope you have enjoyed them. Bye!



Another of the highlights of this week was our class Collective Worship on Thursday. This is what Chloe G and Bryony said about it:

We did our class Collective Worship on Changes that have happened in Year 5. It was Clara’s idea to do it and we all thought it was a good idea. Chloe D, Brendan, Mimi and Leotie did a drama for us on packaging and they did very well. River asked four adults and four pupils to come out and they were in teams of adults against pupils for a World Cup quiz.

I had two quite big parts. The first one was a book that we looked at earlier in the year called Are Humans Damaging our Atmosphere? My second part was about if you want to win the race you need to run it with all your effort. We also did a quiz to do with football, the children beat the teachers.


This week we’ve also said a sad goodbye to Miss Miller who has worked with us for almost a term and has been wonderful. We wish her all the best as she takes up her first teaching job at Hotwells Primary School in Bristol.



1. New spellings to learn.

2. Maths and Literacy homework – for each of your spelling words draw an image (pencil and ruler) and write a sentence to go with it. Make sure that your sentence shows that you know the mathematical meaning of the word.

3. Keep reading.

4. Please do not buy a personal non-school uniform day for Monday.

5. All of you can come to school in home clothes on Friday 13th if you bring in a nice contribution for hampers that will be used as prizes at the Variety Show.

6. Church Family Breakfast at school this Sunday

7. Variety Show – Saturday 14th July

PE kit for Monday and Friday please. If you have any school sports kit please return this week and also check for school reading books – we will be starting to pack this week.


A message from Miss Miller:

‘Thank you very much Beetles for being such a wonderful class to teach! I will miss all of you and I wish you the best of luck next year, you will all be amazing! Love Miss Miller’