Our approach to Behaviour

At Chagford Church of England Primary School, our approach to behaviour is based upon our Christian ethos and our school purpose. Our purpose is to build a strong foundation for every child so that they are well prepared for their life ahead. At Chagford C of E Primary School we all want to be:

  • Confident
  • Healthy in body and mind and spirit
  • Able to work well together, learn from, and support one another
  • Global citizens who make an active contribution to our communities
  • Free to be ourselves and develop our own skills and talents
  • Open minded and respectful of difference and diversity
  • Reflective and thoughtful
  • Determined, resilient, resourceful and have a positive mind-set

As we learn about who we are, our relationship to each other and to the wider world, we nurture strong values underpinned by our Christian ethos, in order to bring about the best possible future for ourselves, our communities and future generations. The behaviours associated with these aims are:

  • Confident: we stand up for what is right and speak out when something is wrong
  • Healthy: we treat each other kindly and look after one another
  • Able to work well together: we do not stop others from learning and achieving their best
  • Global citizens: we look after property, resources and the environment
  • Free to be ourselves: we do not put people down or make fun of them
  • Open minded: we respect others and show this by the way we speak and treat others
  • Reflective: we think before we act
  • Determined: when something goes wrong, we try to put it right and ask for help if we need it

You can read our full Behaviour Policy and Anti-bullying Policy on our Policies page here.