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What a week in Birch Class! I haven’t been here as much as I’d like this week due to training and other things going on in the DMAT so I will keep this one brief!

Well done for all of your fantastic costumes today – as I said to you this morning the costumes seem to get bigger and better every year! Quite literally in the case of Brendan, who wore stilts today, to make a very convincing Hagrid!

There’s a fair bit going on next week, so here are some reminders…..

Year 6 – Bikeability: You need….

  • Your bike! Bring it in on Monday and park at the shed on the playground.
  • Helmet! You can’t go anywhere without it!
  • Sensible clothing to cycle in.
  • Consent form (if you haven’t already handed it in) – Margitta won’t let you go anywhere without it! dcc bikeability l1&2 consent form 2018-19 (2)

Topic Project

  • Main event on Friday! So start bringing in all of the extra stuff you have been busily working on at home ready for Friday afternoon

Please spend some time this weekend making something or putting the finishing touches on your topic work.

Have a great weekend!