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In Birch Class this week:

  • We have looked into the lives of Darwin, Wallace, and Anning a little more and we have looked at some really cool experiments that provide proof of Darwin’s theory of natural selection. Google: Reznick/Guppies for one fascinating example of how an animal can quickly adapt to changes in its environment.
  • We have been creating beautiful verse in our Literacy writing based on I am Cat.
  • Year 5 have been busily calculating area and perimeter in Maths with Mr Hatton and Year 6 have been very busily revising percentages, fractions and decimals ready for next weeks SATs!
  • We have also continued our work on our topic, Climate Change. This week we looked at sources of energy and renewable vs non-renewable.
  • We also had band, choir and song practice with Mrs Rowe as usual on a Wednesday afternoon

Next week:
Please make sure your PE kit is in school on Tuesday – we have cricket coaching from Andy at the rec in the afternoon.

Year 5 Homework

Please continue to play the BBC bitesize games (see last week’s blog for the links).


Year 6 – This weekend

  • Get plenty of rest. Go to bed on-time/early-ish so you start next week feeling ready and refreshed.
  • Get out and play. Do something you love. Relax. Spend time with your family. Draw. Paint. Make.

Year 6 – Next week

  • Eat well. You may not feel like eating a normal breakfast if you’re feeling a bit nervous but try as hard as you can to have something – it is tricky to concentrate when you are hungry and I don’t want to hear your belly rumbling in the hall J
  • Sleep well. Go to bed early. Get plenty of rest. You will feel 100x better about SATs if you get a good nights sleep.
  • Live well. You’ve been revising and working hard for weeks if not months now. If you feel you must do some more work, feel free. That said, keep your evenings calm and stress-free. Make some time to do the things you love to do. You don’t need to spend every waking minute worrying about tests.
  • Treat others well. Everyone in Y6 is in the same boat. They might not show it but your friends are just as nervous as you are. Everyone is going to be feeling the full range of emotions next week. Sometimes you might feel happy, sometimes sad and everything else in between. Be as kind as possible to everyone around you.
  • Above all else, remember you are more than SATs. They don’t test how creative, funny, caring, talented and athletic you are. Just a very tiny percentage of what makes you you will be tested next week.
  • Info for parents and SATs week guides (click the links!)
  • Information_for_parents_-_2019_national_curriculum_tests_at_the_end_of_key_stages_1_and_2
  • Pupil_Guide_Year_6_SATs_Wellbeing (1)

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