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It has been an awesome week in Birch Class – we have achieved so much! We have started and ended the week looking into the causes of World War Two and the leaders of the Axis and Allied countries. We have created some lovely posters showing off all of our learning so far! In our first Science lesson, we designed an investigation to test a manufacturer’s claim about their clothing being quick drying. We had to think of how we would test this, control all of the possible variables, conduct the investigation and then analyse our results.

We had great fun on the new climbing ropes in PE – everyone was better at climbing the rope than Mr B! In Literacy, we have been writing diary entries, meeting monsters and writing descriptively.

We also put on our first class collective worship where we explained through drama all of the growth mindset messages we had been learning about in Maths. It’s been a busy week! Well done Birch class!


Imagine a pet or your favourite animal went on an adventure. Where would they go? What monsters might they meet? Write a descriptive couple of paragraphs about an adventure your pet (or favourite animal) has had.

Year 5 Maths Homework
Year 6 Maths Homework