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We quickly got back into the swing of things this week after all the excitement and adventure of last week at Grenville House – it already seems long ago now!

This week in Birch Class we have:

  • Worked on our multiplication and division skills in maths
  • Created an explanation text of our Cracking Contraptions in literacy
  • Started exploring our new topic – Ancient Egypt. This week we created a timeline of the Ancient Egyptian Civilisation, learnt about mummification and started designing our own Canopic jars in Art.
  • As part of our work for Anti-Bullying week, and since it was International Kindness Day on Tuesday, we have been trying to perform little acts of kindness for the people in our school, at home and in our community. I have been really impressed with some of the thoughtful and lovely things the children have been doing for one another – well done!
  • We went up to the church on Thursday afternoon to see our own and the rest of the school’s artwork for remembrance – it all looks amazing! The children have done a fine job.


Year 6 – click me
Year 5 – click me

To go alongside the display of your Cracking Contraption explanation I would like you to try and create a model of your invention! You have two weeks to make it!


Common Words for both Years: occur / develop / average

Year 5 words: initial / martial / partial / potential / spatial / substantial

Year 6 words: presidential / nonessential / palatial / preferential / evidential