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This week in Birch class we have….

  • Brushed up on our knowledge of shape: polygons, quadrilaterals, parallel and perpendicular, equilateral, regular/irregular, right-angles, acute, obtuse, reflex, diameter, radius, circumference… the lot!
  • Looked at how our author has been considering the reader when choosing the words to explain in her writing and how she does this.
  • Created some beautiful watercolour paintings and careful sketches of Tutankhamun’s death mask.
  • Read-through the Christmas play script and auditioned for the main parts. As usual, Year 6 have been given priority over the main roles as it is their final year. Year 5 will have this opportunity next year.
  • We have been practicing the songs for the play with Mrs Rowe and we’re starting to sound good!
  • Been doing tests! It’s that time of the year again, but, after marking all of the Reading and Maths papers I’m really happy with the progress the class is making – there have been some brilliant scores, keep it up Birch class!




Conduct some research and makes on how the heart works. The more research you do and understand, the easier you will find our literacy lessons next week as we will be starting to write an information text about how the heart works! Find out as much as you can!


Common Words: definite / marvellous / system

Year 5: resident / residency / fluent / fluency / permanent / permanency / efficient / efficiency

Year 6: different / difference / excellent / excellence / convenient / convenience / obedient / obedience


Went home this afternoon – check bags.

Have a great weekend, Mr B