We have continued learning about Castles this week and have spent time looking at what happens inside a castle: where people eat, sleep and clean and even talked about who was put in the dungeon and why they might be in there!

We have made our own castle complete with drawbridge, portcullis and arrow slits!

This week it was Lulu’s birthday and her family joined us for a story and cake; Lulu’s dad was brave enough to read the story and the children really enjoyed having someone new to read to them, so thank you.

We have also been building castles in the sand…

Enjoying role play and re-enacting battles with the castle and figures…

Writing a menu for a Medieval Feast….

And creating patterns using 2D shapes to make symmetrical shields.

King Edward is currently on another visit so we look forward to hearing about all his tales on his return.

Have a great weekend
Sara, Jade and the FSU Team