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Dear Parents, 

Next Friday 6th March we are planning to go on a school trip 
to Paington Zoo. 
The trip will hopefully help us with our science as we are 
looking at animals and linking this to our mythological creatures topic this 1/2 

Obviously the weather is very unpredictable at the moment so we do 
suggest that they wear suitable footwear for walking, a raincoat, warm clothing (home clothes) 
and a rucksack so that they can carry their own lunch in.

A school pack lunch 
can be made by the school kitchen upon request so please say by Wednesday 4th 
March if you would like one. 

The cost of the trip will be £8 to pay to get 
into the Zoo as we will be using some of our PTFA fund to subsidize the coach.

Many thanks, 

Mr Evans