Bit of a lie-in this morning, breakfast wasn’t until 8.15am but then it was hard work to get the house clean and everything packed up. Dishes were washed, floors swept or mopped, carpets vacuumed, cases packed, drying room emptied, beds stripped, bins emptied, rubbish recycled, lost property recovered and much more. Well done to the children in Goss and Edwards dorms who won the dormitory challenge for the week through their tidiness and behaviour in their dorms.

 Eventually the house was tidy and we could set off into Brixham, first to the beach and then to the shops to buy our souvenirs. Rock, fudge, marble eggs, toy lorry, earrings, playing cards… were purchased before the shop keepers were left in quiet again.

 Back to Grenville to eat our last packed lunch – I wonder what Jude had in his sandwiches? At 1.30pm we climbed on the bus to return home but quickly had to climb off again as a problem was spotted with one of the wheels. Fortunately the staff at Grenville welcomed us back in and we amused ourselves for a couple more hours before travelling safely home.

 Families were greeted with big hugs, even by those who would have liked to continue their stay in Brixham for longer. All went off home, dirty, tired but full of new memories, experiences, stories and happiness.


 As you unpack your cases please look out for anything that doesn’t belong to you. If you find anything please return it to school so we can re-unite it with its real owner. Miss P has a nice pair of waterproof trousers that nobody claimed too.

There are many people who we need to thank for making the trip possible. Thank you to all the staff and instructors at Grenville who looked after us so well with great instruction, patience, lovely food and lots of fun. Thank you to the PTFA who raised the money that paid for the bus to take us there and back. Thank you to Mrs D’Arch Smith, Tina and Mrs Gaudion who all travelled down to join us for a day. Huge thanks go to Mr Evans and Miss Knight who worked very hard all week doing all sorts from cleaning dishes to wiggling through the caves and from finding lost property to leaping into the sea. Many thanks to all the parents who trusted us to take their children away – you should be very proud of them.

 These are just some of the things that the children gained from the trip:

 B MC – more confidence in myself and others

 C J – more trust in my friends, I can rely on them more

 L PS – realising what I can do and seeing everybody working together

 L A – more belief, I thought I could do a little bit but I did much more

 J E – seeing the beauty of the sea, especially the boats and lights at night

 F H – I gained confidence in my-self and others, I trust more, I overcame fear, I did more than I expected

 Q P – I learnt how to work in a team more and to rely on others more

 E M – I became more independent and realised I could use help from my friends when I needed it

 D W – I learnt not pretend about myself but to be real

 M P – I became more responsible for myself

 E L – I learnt that it’s much easier to work in a mixed group

 N C – I got to know other people better by working with others

 F M – I enjoyed mixing with people that I don’t usually spend much time with

 C D – I learnt that I need to try things before saying no or I miss out on things and then I regret it

 Z T – I leant about honesty

 F T – I learnt not to back out before I try something

 S BK – I learnt new skills and had lots of fun

 D B – I conquered fears and learnt that if you don’t try something then it can lead to regrets

 L S – I learnt about team work and how to trust more

 K R – I leant not to miss judge things, not to rely on first impressions and to have a try

 A P – I overcame fears

 F G – I learnt about working together more easily

 T S – I had a fabulous week, totally amazing, I was worried and nervous but I learnt about co-operation and how important it is to talk to others

 R N – it was a very fun week and I learnt to work together with others