Well, we’ve had an interesting couple of weeks!

Our Romans topic continues, and we have turned our attention to the story of brave Boudicca, Queen of the Celtic Iceni tribe, and her story of battle and tragedy. Through drama, we have explored her story, and tried to imagine how she might have felt when the Romans took all of the land promised to her by her husband in his will. Here is a photo of Boudicca, her daughters, and the Roman messenger charged with bringing her the bad news.

We are working towards writing a newspaper report based on these events, imagining how Boudicca’s demise might have been reported by a Celtic and a Roman newspaper.

Last week we had two stand out events, both on the same day!

We were visited by Paul Bartlett from Stone Lane gardens, who has been instrumental in initiating a school link between Chagford school and Chorotskhu school in Georgia, at the foot of the Caucasus mountains. This week, we arranged a Skype call, and spoke to a group of school children from the school. We also shared songs, and they even played on their local folk instruments, which was amazing to watch! We are hoping to continue this musical and cultural link by discussing different Christmas traditions between our two countries in our next Skype session.







After that, we were treated to a wonderful performance from Fran and Flora, a cellist and a violinist respectively.They play spirited music from Eastern Europe, which the children really enjoyed. They then led a workshop, where we sang a song and played accompaniment to a piece on our class cellos. It was great fun, and very inspiring!

Next week it will all be about the Christmas play! Thank you all in advance for your help with costumes and with learning lines. The show is slowly shaping up; let’s hope it all comes together beautifully by next Thursday!!