e-Safety (Online Safety)

At Chagford Primary School we take the safety of all pupils and staff seriously. This includes being safe on-line and whilst using other technology.

Our E-Safety Policy outlines how we do this in detail. As part of our policy, we ask all parents to sign an Acceptable Use Policy on behalf of their child and all Governors and Staff (and visitors where appropriate) also sign a similar agreement.

However, we know that children need to be protected when out of school. The NSPCC visit school to teach children about how they can stay safe and these messages are re-enforced through classroom teaching and conversations. We also encourage parents and carers to take responsibility for protecting their children. The NSPCC website provides tips and advice as well as what to do if you have a concern and can be found at www.nspcc.org.uk. Their Share Aware and Net Aware tools help you to make decisions about social media use and give advice on privacy settings.

We will be updating our e-Safety Policy shortly.


We have registered with ParentInfo – a collaboration between The Parent Zone, which has been providing information and support to parents for a decade, and CEOP, the Child Exploitation and Online Protection command of the National Crime Agency. Here you’ll find a collection of articles, tips, expert advice and resources designed to help parents keep up with what their children are doing on-line.