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Ahoy there me hearties!

What a tremendous afternoon it has been in both Beech and Yew Tree Class as we celebrate a fantastic year of learning!

Myself, Admiral Smith, and Captain Skinner thought it would be a great way to reward the children for all their hard work this year by having a pirate party, related to our recent topic all about Pirates. Here are some pictures and videos of what took place…

Firstly, we had a PE Pirate game outside on the playground. Children moved around the ‘boat’ and were given orders by their captain. The last one to complete the order was told to walk the plank! Max in Yew Tree was the last pirate standing in the end and so earned a deserved prize!

Then we took part in some classic party games. Musical Bumps and Musical Chairs were both well received by all the children. The winner on both occasions was Cecily who won herself some gold prizes too! Children also had the opportunity to chill and do some pirate colouring.


Finally, we had a great pirate banquet (a huge thank you to all who helped put this together by donating all sorts of treats!) and watched a pirate film.

Best Wishes,

Mr Smith and Mr Skinner!