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Year 5 reminders – Friday 25th November 2016


  • Spellings to learn for Friday
  • Keep reading – read a newspaper (or some bits from it) and notice how events are reported.
  • Do you need to bring in anything for DT on Thursday?
  • Did you leave a white(ish) John Lewis towel at Grenville? Miss P has it.
  • Start thinking about your costume for the Christmas play. Please have a look and a think about what you might be able to provide and let me know if you are stuck.


Stall holders / shoppers / carol singers – winter coat, gloves (fingerless?), hat, little bit of tinsel if you wish
Joe M, Barnaby, Joe S, Jamie, Ruth, Elvie, Malena, Sophia, Isa, Luke, Connor, Sophia, Malena,

Courtiers – smart white clothing    Maya, Rhiannon, Trilby

Servants – smart black clothing     Tabitha, Sophie, Natasha, Phoebe, Fynn

Kings – traditional King costume – royal, flowing robes, crown, cloak etc.       Cass, Amy, Charlie

Purple Angel – purple and angelic!  Elvie


Literacy Homework – write a script for a television (or radio) news report. Think about how it would be different from a newspaper report – it might help to watch / listen to one first. Pick whatever you want to report – it could be a real news story, a made up story, or you could even use a familiar story (e.g. The Three Little Pigs) and decide how this would be reported on the TV / radio. Have fun with it.


Maths Homework – Square and Prime Numbers 

Square Numbers are the product of a number multiplied by itself. i.e 49 = 7 x 7
Prime Numbers = numbers that only have itself and one as factors. i.e 13 only has 13 and 1 as factors. 


Try with the squares of the numbers between 4 and 20.

Did you find any square numbers which cannot be made by adding two prime numbers together?