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After another good night’s sleep, Friday morning was full of packing, tidying, stripping beds, vacuuming and finding lost belongings. By 10am we were just about sorted and had a chance to review the week and think about all that we had learnt from our time away. Lots of children talked about achieving their targets, challenging themselves, exploring new opportunities and supporting one-another. All the adults have been very impressed by the way the children have faced the challenges of this week but also by he way that they have organised themselves, supported one another and enjoyed spending time together.

After a quick drink we headed off to the beach only to discover that the tide was very high and there wasn’t very much beach. So then we walked along the front into Brixham to spend our holiday money, sadly the shell shop was closed but everyone still seemed to come away happy with what we had purchased.

By the time we got back to Grenville House the Christmas decorations were going up and we had lunch before grabbing our belongings and climbing onto the coach for the sleepy drive home.

It has been a pleasure to work with the children this week – they have been delightful and should be very proud of all that they have done. They are tired and dirty and may possibly be grumpy this weekend but they will also have many great stories to tell. A huge thank you to Mrs Dunnage, Mr Billinghurst, Mr Turner and Levi who have worked incredibly hard this week and without whom the trip would not have been possible – they have washed up, made sandwiches, encouraged, calmed, cheered up, jumped into cold water, been woken up in the night (but only on the first night), climbed through dark and muddy caves, climbed up poles, taken photos, packed cases, found lost belongings, worked very long hours and much, much more. Miss P