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On Thursday afternoon, we had a  visit from the lovely string family (minus viola)! It was great to hear Susie talk about and play some cool jazz on her double bass, followed by Amy who played us a bit of Saint Saens and Bach. This came hot on the heels of us having spent the afternoon listening to the ‘Carnival of the Animals’ music and drawing what came to mind as we listened. Thank you so much to both lovely ladies and fine musicians for coming to share your talents and beautiful instruments with us all.

Talking of fine musicians, we continued our presentations by listening to Alfie play drums for us, which he did with great skill. All of us were very impressed with his amazing timing and co-ordination! Well done Alfie!

b2ap3_thumbnail_Alfie-drums.jpgOur science work was all about how different sizes and shapes of drums affect pitch. Here we are experimenting with drums, and trying to decipher which had high pitch and low pitch! Explaining this was tricky, but we talked about sound vibrations and how they were different in the different sized instruments. Another very musical afternoon in Goldfinch class! Oh, and we finished watching ‘The Sound of Music’ too. So go on everyone, “Climb every mountain, ford every stream…until you find your dream!”