On Tuesday, Goldfinch class took a trip to Castle drogo, where we explored a world of inventions and gadgets from 100 years ago. Paula Clarke, the castle’s education officer, led us all around the grounds and the building itself, showing us some of nature’s clever inventions, as well as some items in the extensive collection of Mr Julius Drewe himself. We also discovered some fantasy inventions dreamed up by local artists….though we are not entirely sure how they work!

b2ap3_thumbnail_Inventions-shed.jpg                b2ap3_thumbnail_marshall-and-elvie.jpg

In the afternoon, we worked in groups to create inventions designed to improve life for the residents of the castle in some way. We then had to pitch our ideas to the panel, in the manner of ‘Dragon’s Den’! Miss Rowe and the other adults were very impressed at our brilliant group work skills, as well as with the designs we came up with. 


It was a great outing….and especial thanks go to Paula for tailoring the day to fit our topic learning so wonderfully. Thank you Paula, and thanks also to Goggi and Naomi who were kind enough to accompany us all day 🙂