Happy New Year!

We’ve made a very productive start to our new topic (Stone Age to Iron Age Britain) this week. We’ve learnt a great deal about all three eras and we even went as far back as the last Ice Age! We’ve also explored the incredible Lascaux Caves and created our own cave drawings. We pretended we were Stone Age people and had to do our drawings on the floor, under tables or against the wall! In Literacy we have also been looking at an information text ‘The Secrets of Stonehenge’ which is packed full of fascinating facts from the Stone Age. 

We’ve also been thinking about our new value; Able to Work Together. We’ve been exploring ways in which we can work together and how we can do this. After our discussions we made some acrostic poems. Here’s one from Ruby..

Together. Stick together and help each other.
Open minded. Keep your mind open to new ideas. 
Listen to other people, it will help you make new friends.
Enjoy the things in life!
Respect everyone around you.
Able to sort out arguments.
N is for nice! Be nice to your friends and family.
C is for confidence. Be confident when your friends need you.
Everyone has feelings; listen to them, respect them and feel for them.