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Grenville House Day 1

We’ve had a very exciting day! After dropping our bags in the hall we quickly got registered, some last minute checks, and then we were off on the coach to Grenville House! The journey went without a hitch and we arrived safely.

After a tour of the buildings and grounds (and brand new changing rooms –they’re very swish!) we made our beds – which was a bit of a struggle for some, but with a lot of teamwork, we all got our beds sorted in the end.

Due to the wet and windy weather coming tomorrow afternoon, our plans for raft-building changed. Groups 1 and 2 went canoeing and saw 8 seals!! They got so close they even went under the boats! Mrs Wiseman was one of the few people to see if the sea was warm at this time of year – Louis capsized the canoe. He says it was an accident but Mrs Wiseman isn’t sure.

Groups 3 and 4 went off to abseil down a very, very big cliff! I was amazed at how well everyone did – most were able to get down to the bottom, and some were just happy to get harnessed up and hang-out on the edge. Taking that on as the first activity of the week, so soon after arriving was a big achievement and they all did us proud.

After getting back and sharing stories with one another in the common room, it was soon time for tea. Lasagne was on the menu tonight followed by apple and rhubarb with custard. After getting the hall cleaned up, all the dishes and cups we set about preparing the sandwiches for tomorrow’s lunch.

Later this evening we went for a walk along the harbour wall – we didn’t see any seals this time but we did see lots of fireworks! The harbour looked so pretty, all lit up so we took a few moments just to sit and soak it all in.

Once we got back to Grenville House, we got changed and ready for bed. We then nominated people to receive credits – there were a lot of people receiving credits for encouraging one another and showing good teamwork skills. It was lovely to hear so many people doing and saying lovely things for another. After a hot chocolate and some story time we brushed our teeth and got settled into bed.