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Grenville House Day 2

We’ve had another really fantastic day here in Brixham and the weather has been (fairly) kind to us! After a good night’s rest by all, we were up at 7:30am and a few of the children came downstairs a bit earlier to set up the dining hall for breakfast. There were plenty of cereals to choose from and lots of toast. Mr B’s still getting used to working the grill so some pieces were a bit on the well-done side!

After breakfast, we wrote in our reflective journals and thought about all the great things we have achieved so far. Then our instructors were ready to tell us about our day and the first activity. We got our gear ready and headed off! It was Group 3 & 4’s turn to canoe this morning – we had great fun, we saw lots of seals, had races and even got to jump off of our canoe and into the sea – surprisingly, it wasn’t too cold!

Group 1 & 2 headed off to the cliffs to abseil. Amazingly, every child in that group was able to go down the cliff and Mrs Wiseman was particularly impressed with all the brilliant words of encouragement that the children gave one another – it really made a difference to those children who were finding it extra challenging. We have such kind children at Chagford School.

After lunch, Groups 3 & 4 headed out to the High Ropes course. Again, we saw some amazing achievements – Daisy R conquered her fear of heights, having two attempts at the leap of faith and Birdie, who was adamant she wouldn’t climb the very tall and wobbly pole, managed to get to the top and jump off. Brilliant!

Group 1 & 2 were indoor climbing – they all came back with big smiles on their faces and so many children came to speak to me about Bryony climbing the big wall and ringing the bell in the rafters! Brendan also thanked Hettie this evening, for offering him words of encouragement and ideas about where to place his feet as he was climbing up.

After showering and then a bit of chill out time in the Common Room, we headed into the dining hall for another brilliant dinner. It was a big helping of sausage, mash and beans tonight with a delicious chocolate pudding for dessert. Yum!

We then washed up all of the dishes, prepared sandwiches for tomorrow’s lunch, wrote postcards to home and wrote some more in our reflective journals. Next, we had our evening activities; table tennis in the Chapel and drama and word games with Miss P and Miss Tate in the main house. Then it was time to nominate peers for credits for good deeds/accomplishments, then for hot chocolate or juice, a story and bed!