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Grenville House Day 3

The wind was howling all night long but I’m glad to say the children had a really good night’s sleep and we started the day fresh-faced and ready for a day of adventure. After breakfast, groups 1 and 2 had to get themselves prepared really quickly because they had to get on the minibus to head to the caves near Buckfastleigh. The caves were very muddy, very dark and very small but all had a great time – we saw stalagmites and stalactites in the Crystal chamber, we climbed up a very tight space called the Coal Shute and slid really fast down the mudslide. We were on our hands and knees a lot and we were glad of our helmets that saved our heads from a bump or two. Alfie really impressed the adults and his peers with his polite and helpful manner – he was even checking up on Mr B to make sure he was squeezing through the gaps!

This morning it was group 3 and 4’s turn to ascend climbing walls and ring the bell in the rafters – we’ve had lovely feedback from the instructors and adults that worked with them, again the children were so good at encouraging one another to achieve their best. Evie and Bryony got special mentions this evening from peers for being really brave and climbing up very high!

After lunch, it was time to go Coasteering! Many of the children were really looking forward to this one and we had a great time scrambling along the shore, swimming in the sea, dodging big waves, and jumping off massive ledges into the ocean! All of the children were very brave to put themselves into very bracing water and some didn’t want to get out! Hettie got a special mention from peers this evening for being really brave and overcoming her fear and Dylan W and Toby were brilliant at soldiering on from the cold and a knock or two from some very big waves.

We’re all warm and dry now, we’ve just finished another delicious dinner (baked potatoes with a choice of toppings + chocolate mousse surprise) and after washing up and making tomorrow’s sandwiches we’re writing in our reflective journals before starting this evening’s activity. After that, hot chocolate or juice, story and bedtime – fingers crossed for another peaceful night!