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Grenville House Day 4

It’s hard to believe that this was our final full day of activities – where has the week gone!? After breakfast, the cavers (group 3 and 4) got away early and had a great time squelching through lots of wet and squidgy caves. We were really lucky to see a bat roosting in the Crystal Chamber – a very rare site! We took a slightly different route through the caves this time and the very brave attempted to squeeze through a section of the caves called ‘The Cheese Grater’ we were the cheese, the cave was the grater – it was a very tight squeeze that ended in a big muddy puddle – they had great fun!

Group 1 and 2 spent the morning on the high ropes. They worked really hard on their teamwork skills as they need to work together to ascend Jacob’s Ladder and after that, they all needed to overcome their fear of heights as they took on the Leap of Faith whilst being supported from below by all of the other children.

After lunch, we all donned wetsuits, helmets and buoyancy aids for the last time for our final activity, raft building. We learnt how to tie knots so we could make our raft nice and secure and after lots of pulling, twisting and lifting we had made two sea-worthy vessels ready for games and fun in the sea. We learnt how to control our rafts and then had a couple of races. After that it was time for a much needed hot shower, chill out time in the common room and then a roast dinner and treacle sponge to fill our bellies! We washed-up, made our sandwiches for tomorrow, tidied our rooms, started packing our cases and got ourselves ready for movie night. Soon we’ll be off to bed, ready for a busy morning of tidying and souvenir shopping in Brixham.

Tomorrow, we are aiming to leave Brixham at 1:30pm – we should be back in Chagford by around 2:30pm – if that changes, look out for a text/email/call from school to let you know.