Hedgehogs Summer 2 – Week 5

What a fantastic week we’ve had!

Our most exciting project this week has been the wonderful animation work we’ve been producing in the afternoon. It has been great to see how our Year 2 Hedgehogs have collaborated so well with children from all different ages and abilities across the school. The puppets they have created in their groups are fantastic and their patience when animating each step has made the whole process this week even more enjoyable! Next Friday, during our celebration assembly time, we are looking forward to showing you all that we have created so stay tuned for more details in the newsletters and on the blogs!

This week in maths we have also been learning about time and multiplication. As part of our topic work on Night and Day, the children have thoroughly enjoyed using their shadows to tell the time outside. We drew around our shadows in the morning and were amazed to see how different the position of our shadows were in the afternoon! We’ve also had some brilliant discussions this week about how the planets orbit the sun, trying to figure out why we can’t feel the earth spinning, (the children certainly enjoyed keeping me on my toes when trying to explain what a constant velocity is!), and thinking about how the seasons change due to the earth spinning on its axis. Wonderfully insightful discussions and lovely to see such enthusiasm for science and learning more about our planet!

In English, we have completed our very own disgusting instructions and will be putting these into a disgusting recipe book for our classroom. We’re hoping Marie and Shirley in the kitchens will like our recipes, but hopefully not enough to actually use any of them. Yuck!

Next week we are going to be exploring poetry and thinking about adapting some famous rhymes and poems to learn more about pattern, structure, alliteration and other poetic devices, continuing our work on multiplication and division and lots more!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Best wishes,

Joe Skinner and the Year 2 team.