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Hedgehogs – Week 2

Another excellent week in Hedgehogs class!

This week we’ve been working hard on our number understanding and using the signs for greater than, less than and the same as/equal < > and =.

The children loved learning about place value and ordering numbers through battling Pokemon and using their ‘levels’ in a Top Trumps style challenge!

In PE we have been exploring different types of balance and working in teams to create new and unusual ways of balancing.

In English we have been continuing with our instructional writing and thinking about how we can use conjunctions and adverbials to add extra information to our writing. We’ve remembered lots about verbs and imperative (bossy) verbs too so see if the children can spot a ‘bossy’ verb when you next instruct them!

Our topic this term has begun and the children are very keen to begin designing, building and racing their very own race cars! 

The challenge is for each team to create a race car that can move itself by using a type of energy such as kinetic, wind, gravitational or magnetic. Each team will receive a prize but there is a grand prize for the race car that can travel the furthest independently. There will also be prizes for the best designed race car and best teamwork/supportive learning group.

In preparation for our building in a week or so, please can I ask for recycling donations from parents for our junk modelling area. We would love to see any empty drinks bottles, milk caps, lollypop sticks, toilet rolls or whatever else your child might think is a good item to use in their race car please!

Finally, we have confirmed our trip to Bristol and have/will be sending letters out about our trip. We appreciate any help from parents and donations so thank you in advance! With regards to parent helpers, please speak to either myself or Mrs Thomas should you wish to join as a parent helper. 


Next week we are looking forward to designing our racers, finishing off our instructional writing, continuing our place value investigations and much more!


Have a great weekend and fingers crossed for some fun in the snow!

Best wishes,


Joe Skinner and the Year 2 team.