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Hedgehogs – Spring term week 1

A warm welcome back to all from Hedgehogs class!

We’ve had a great term so far as we settle into Spring 2 and our new topic of Japan!

In Geography , we have been researching facts about the country and comparing Japan to Chagford and the UK. In art, we have having a go at origami and understanding more about where it comes from. Lots of tricky folds but the children have worked incredibly hard to follow the instructions and help each other.

In Maths this week we have been exploring multiplication and division as we begin to understand the relationship between the two. We have been practically representing different times tables and using some wonderful language to explain to each other what is happening.

In English, we have begun our new text which is called Augustus and his smile by Catherine Rayner. The story follows a tiger who has lost his smile and goes on a journey to find it again. The children have loved the pictures and beautiful description throughout!

Next week we are looking forward to continuing our multiplication and division work, getting stuck in with Augustus and his smile, learning more about Japan and its exciting history and parent’s evening.

For parent’s evening appointments, please could I remind all parents/carers to book a slot for parent’s evening on the clipboards provided at the office.

Home work will be sent home this weekend and for this term will consist of practicing our spellings and challenging ourselves with some fun maths games. Can I please remind parents however that the way in which spellings/maths is recorded does not necessarily need to be written directly into the home learning book if this is causing a negative experience at home. Home work is sent home to bridge the gap between home and school learning and to encourage the positive practice of the skills your child has already developed within class. Therefore, if your child would prefer to spell or work out number sentences in more creative ways then please do take photos and show this in the books! Examples we’ve had in the past have been to write our spellings with a stick in the sand, ordering Lego bricks/sweets for maths, writing silly sentences that use the words from the spelling list, Forming the letters out of playdoh, word processing (providing spell checker is off!) and many others. Writing short sentences is still perfectly fine however if your child is enjoying the process. I look forward to seeing what your child comes up with!

I would also like to say a big thank you to all parents/carers for making sure their child had a PE kit in school this week. Your support makes a huge difference and we really appreciate all you do for your child at home.

Finally, please find attached our jigsaw for this term.Jigsaw-Spring-2.pdf

Have a great weekend everybody!

Joe Skinner and the Year 2 team.