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Home School Diary

All children have a home school diary which encourages regular communication between teachers and parents. Messages are written in this book and it is also used to record daily reading, comments and book titles. Many teachers also use it to record weekly spellings, as well as using it to communicate praise and achievements.

School Comms via School Gateway

This is a free service to parents which allows the school to send you a variety of information and messages, via email and SMS. We encourage parents to download the app (if you have a smartphone) as this means the school saves money! We currently send out a link to our weekly Newsletter via School Comms also, and on the Blog. We will also post details of any school closure during adverse weather. To register with the School Gateway, please click on the icon on the homepage. It is vital that you keep us informed of your up to date contact details. If you need to amend your details please contact the school office.

Class and News Blogs

Our Class teachers update their blogs regularly with information specific to your child’s class. You can choose to subscribe to the blog so that you will receive an automatic update every time anything new is posted on the blog! We will also send out regular blogs for our weekly newsletter and other vital information so please keep a check on the website, or subscribe.


If you would like to email the school office, please email parents@chagford-primary.devon.sch.uk. We receive hundreds of emails a day, and using this dedicated email address means that your important emails will get priority. You can email teachers individually. Their emails are on the About/ Our Staff page (click here).

Changes to Bus/ Home travel arrangements

It is vital that you call or email the school office on parents@chagford-primary.devon.sch.uk if you need to make a change to your child’s transport home arrangements. Please do not tell the bus drivers directly, particularly if you think your arrangements may change, as it causes lots of confusion if they have been told one thing, and we have been told another!  We will always use the latest information we have received from parents directly, and not pupils, to inform our decisions. Safeguarding is always our main priority and if we cannot contact parents to confirm arrangements we will always keep the children safe at school in our After School Club until we can make contact with you.