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The last fortnight has been very busy and a number of Housemartins have written some reports for our blog.

 The Democracy workshop (Wednesday 22nd June)

On Thursday 23rd a lady called Roz from the Parliamentary Education Outreach Centre came to school to talk about how democracy works in the UK. Firstly she talked to all of Key Stage 2 and then Goldfinch went. When we were in the hall we spilt up into parties and named our party and thought of an idea that we would do if we won the election.

 My party was called the Woolly Monsters and our policy was to increase the amount of time in school spent on making things like knitted and crocheted toys that could then be sold in a shop to raise money for school trips.

 Every group shared their ideas and then it was the big voting time! Everybody had a vote in secret. The winning party were the Science Pigs whose idea was to build a science lab underground. The Science Pigs got the most votes but they didn’t get enough seats to make a majority so they had to make a coalition. The Woolly Monsters came second and the Science Pigs invited us to join them in power along with the Dem-Democratics. The Science Pigs, The Woolly Monsters and The Dem – Democratics now had enough seats to create a majority and then rule.

I learned that when a law is going to Parliament it can to go the House of Commons and the House of Lords three times before the Queen signs it.

 By Jennifer 

 The PTFA Summer Fair (Friday 24th June)

The summer fair was a lovely experience and everybody enjoyed it lots. All of the Year Sixes helped to run the games. We had: Guess the object, Pop the balloon, Shoot the toy footballers, Bowl the toy footballers, Splat the teacher, Lucky dip, How many socks can you fit on your feet? And Guessing games. All together we raised £150 which is fabulous.

 This year we were very lucky to have the greasy pole which was a lot of fun and lots of the children had a go. Thank you very much Dougie.

 We also enjoyed the bouncy castle and the raffle, both arranged by the PTFA. One of our favourite Year Six games was Pop the balloon and Bowl the toy footballer. The pizzas (made in the cob oven) were delicious, so was the cream tea and cakes.

 The choir and band sounded wonderful thanks to Miss Rowe.

 All of Year Six really enjoyed running the games and want to say a massive thank you to the PTFA for all their support and especially the money that made our trip to Grenville House possible.

 Marley and Clemmie

 Bikeability (Monday 27th June to Friday 1st July)

Bikeability this week has really helped me. I already knew some of the things we’ve learnt, but I never did any of them. Sam and Calamity have made me realise the dangers of cycling on the road and how important it is to do just the simplest things like wearing a helmet, not cycling on the pavement and being on the left-hand side of the road, which are all lifesaving things.

 Sam and Calamity have been such effective teachers and have been so helpful and supportive. At first I wasn’t sure about doing Bikeability and I didn’t really want to do it, but this past week could save my life in the future and I am so glad I did it.


Devon Mix (Wednesday 29th June)

Even though the weather wasn’t how we wanted it to be, we all had a brilliant day trying out new instruments and learning how to play them! It took us about an hour to get there. We did Japanese drumming where we learned how to hit the drum in a certain way, for example, we would bring the sticks down hard in what was called a BLAM (we shared a drum between two). We looked at Opera singing, we also created freeze frames and learnt the tones of voices sung in Opera.  We had a go at playing loads of different instruments in a tent and the noise was tremendous! There were drums, cellos, trombones, trumpets, ukuleles, saxophones, clarinets, guitars, French horns, violins and a bassoon so you can imagine how it would sound!                                                                                                                     

When it was lunch time we saw some stags on the edge of the woods by the wet field we were in. Then we walked over to the stage planted in the middle of the field and listened to an adult choir and some bands that played some fantastic music!

By the epic Erin Mc and Erin H!


We’ve also managed to fit in the final of the high jump (well done Bertie and Saxon), been swimming, learnt poems to recite, enjoyed studying The Highway Man by Alfred Noyes, learnt to count in Japanese and binary, continued to work on the Kingfisher Project. We enjoyed watching Goldfinch’s Rainforest play and have discussed ideas about how the grounds of our new school might look in the future.

Next week is equally busy – please see below. 

  • Monday you are expected at Okehampton College between 8.30 and 8.40am. You need to be dropped at Reception and you will be shown through to the Octagon. Please wear your school uniform and make sure you have your pencil case. Return the forms that your parents have completed and either take a packed lunch or some money to spend in the canteen. Make sure you know who is picking you up from Mill Road carpark at 3.05pm.
  • Tuesday morning the NSPCC will be leading an assembly for Y5 and 6.
  • Wednesday is our final swimming session – please make sure you all have your kit this week.
  • Wednesday evening is the Kingfisher Picnic – thank you to all who applied – you can all come! Please take home a leaflet about where to go and arrive at 5pm with your school jumper on. There are a few spaces left but you must return your slip on Tuesday.
  • Thursday is Greek Day. It would be lovely if you came to school dressed as an Ancient Greek (if you are not dressed as an Ancient Greek we expect you to be in uniform). If you Google Ancient Greek costumes homemade you will find lots of ideas. If you’re having a packed lunch that day why not include as much Greek food as you like? You may bring your project in on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and remember that we expect some writing to go with your exhibit. During the day we will learn more about the Ancient Greeks, play some Greek games, eat some Greek food and set up our museum. Please invite your grown-ups to come and visit our museum from 2.30pm onwards on Thursday afternoon. The museum will also be open on Friday morning to show the rest of the school.
  • Friday – PE
  • Throughout the week we will be starting to talk and think about our Leavers’ Service and assembly.
  • Watch out for the online consent form for our Castle Drogo trip on Monday 11th.