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After a week of very cold mornings but beautiful sunny days the forecast for today in Chagford was for rain from 11 onwards with a temperature that would feel about 0 degrees. Sadly, Mr B and Miss P decided on Thursday afternoon that an adventure up Meldon hill would not be sensible in such conditions.

The forecast rain has still not materialised but it has been jolly cold so we think we probably did make the right decisions – plus we’ve had a really good day anyway.

This morning we went up into town and looked around in a different way as we tried to identify the oldest buildings, find out if the Queen had ever visited and identify what the Pepper Pot was built for. We collected information about traffic flows and then returned to school and warmed up. We ate our picnic in the amphitheatre and then this afternoon Mr E challenged us to put up tents – without falling out and showing good team work. Then there were some activities in the Wildlife area and some painting in the warm with hot chocolate to finish the day.

This is what we learnt:

How to put up a tent

More cars go out of Chagford than come in (at least between 10 and 11am on a Friday morning)

A bridge was built over the Teign in Chagford in 1224

Endecott House has been around since 1709

Team work is lots of FUN

Our church dates back to Saxon times (but wasn’t built by the Saxons) and was dedicated in 1261

Drawing the Pepper Pot is hard

Chagford is a stannary town and that means there was tin here

Lily J can tell good stories

The Ring O’Bells dates back to 1107

Dartmoor is cold

Chagford used to be called Kagefort and means gorse and river crossing

The population of Chagford is about 1,400

That there is loads to find out about Chagford – particularly if you don’t live her


So all in all it was a very worthwhile day. We will get up Meldon this half term, hopefully next Friday but we will confirm when we’re sure that the weather really is going to be better!

Next week is another busy one – reminders are below:

  1. Maths homework due on Monday
  2. Keep on reading.
  3. Next week:

Wednesday – some of you at Singing Playgrounds and some of you quiz team at the Octagon (Okehampton College) by 6.20pm wearing your school jumper

Thursday – Housemartins – Collective Worship. Plus early lunch (you can have a school dinner) for all Key Stage 2 and then off to Exeter for Fairytale and Fantasy concert. Remember we will not be back to school until after 4pm so make sure you know how you are getting home…

Friday – possibly trip up Meldon – weather depending – we will make a decision during the week and let you know

The Monday after – World Book Day dressing up – start preparing your costume.



Banned                                    band                         persuade                                 argument

Environment                           government                February                                  circuit

Electricity                                necessary                    awkward


Next week you will be starting work on your own arguments. To do this effectively you will need to have facts and statistics to back up your point of view. So for homework you need to decide on your argument and do some research to find your statistics / data / facts. Please DO NOT start to write your argument – just collect the information.

Get your grown ups to sign up for Parents’ Meetings

Why not enter the photo competition?