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Amongst the busy-ness of the final week of term Year 6 have found some time to reflect on the highlights of this term. These included:

Grenville House

Hockey Festival

DT – bug homes

Music with Mrs Freeman

Christmas party

Ghost stories

Tag rugby

Young Sports Leaders

Working with younger children

Having more responsibility

Mixing with all of Year 6

Being a Christmas elf

Christmas dinner

Mrs Saturley’s help

French lessons

Elspeth being born

Mr Billinghurst

Christmas play

Mrs Dunnage

The Mess

Miss Philpott

Messy Church



Late Night Christmas shopping

Church services

Collective Worship


We also thought about the new skills and knowledge that we had learnt and about people – what we had learnt about ourselves and others.

Erin Mc also reflected on the meaning of Christmas as she wrote her poetry homework.


Silver stars shining, sparkling up high,

Pale winter sun adorns the sky,

Waiting, waiting for Christmas sounds,

Crisp and sparkling, frost covers the ground.


Up the path are little elf gnomes,

Christmas carols sung in festive tones,

People wait to hear the church bells,

Some candles are lit, waxy smells.


Turkey, roast potatoes, drinks in mugs,

Family and friends and lots of hugs,

Giving presents, watching joy spread,

Emerald holly and berries red.


Remember the time when He came,

When He cured the sick and the lame,

The little King who brought such joy,

Christmas is more than just new toys.




from Miss Philpott and the Housemartins