monetclassHistory is an exciting journey of discovery into the past where children are actively involved in their learning.
They seek to piece together evidence from a rich variety of sources to answer their questions and build historical skills, knowledge and understanding. We use visits, artefacts, role play, workshops and experts as well as films, books and internet research to bring the past to life. History is vibrant and relevant, drawing together learning and skills from other subjects such as English, art, drama, music, ICT, design technology and geography. This integrated and creative approach leads to a variety of exciting outcomes, for example presentations, plays, class museums, films, animations and performances as well as books and displays. Through inspiring historical investigations, children learn to weigh evidence, think critically about the process of change and to understand the events and people that shaped our own locality, our nation and the wider world.


Geography excites our children’s curiosity and fascination with the world and its people through a vibrant and lively approach to learning. Children are actively involved in seeking answers to their questions about the diversity of the Earth and its natural and human environments. Our geography curriculum is creative and innovative, responding to interests, current affairs and to local and wider environmental issues wherever possible. Geographical projects are explored in exciting cross curricular ways where pupils enjoy using and applying skills from many other subjects, for example; English, maths, science, art, ICT and design technology.  Children build their geographical skills, knowledge and understanding, through research, exploration, investigation, fieldwork, questionnaires and surveys and communicate their findings in rich and varied ways. This approach fosters a love of learning about the physical and human aspects of our world and the interaction between them.

Geography giant world mapGeography with globe