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Dear Parents and Carers

Welcome back! We hope you had a relaxing Christmas holiday and that you and your child are ready for a New Year and a new term!

We will be changing reading books on Tuesday and Friday this term, so please make sure they are returned in on this day. We have our own library in the classroom, so that the children can continue to have easier access to a wider range of books. We will listen to children read individually and in a group setting every week. The individual reading book will change up to twice a week. Please make sure you include comments in their home school book, so we get a fuller picture of your child as a reader. Give your child the opportunity to:

  • Discuss the front cover
  • Look at the title
  • Turn the pages
  • Sound out challenging words to help them read them
  • Point to each word when reading
  • Look at punctuation
  • Use expression when needed

We will swap your child’s reading book.

This term our theme will be ‘The Body’ for the first half and ‘Inventors’ for the second.  ‘Show & Tell’ should be linked to these themes.

A gentle reminder that all children need to bring their full named PE kits into school (Plimsoles / trainers, our navy PE top and navy / black shorts). We take part in daily physical activities, although we do not necessarily change fully each day. Please look on the Picasso blog on our school website to see our ideas for our topic this term.  

Children in year 2 will have numeracy and spelling homework go out on Fridays which will need to be back in for the following Thursday. The numeracy homework will be related to the maths done that week and the spelling will relate to the high frequency words your child finds tricky to spell. The children are expected to do 2 lines for each word and then apply the word in a sentence.

Any questions please write in the home school book, see me before 9, make an appointment for after school or you can e-mail me at I will try and answer any e-mails as soon as possible.

With best wishes,

Mr Evans