Key Facts at Your Fingertips

1. The Education Funding Agency has undertaken to ensure it delivers the best possible educational environment for our children under the Priority Schools Building Programme, with a budget of c£2.6m for Chagford Primary School. Following a detailed site survey, it is likely that a new building will be the most probable conclusion. A final decision will be made by them in the next few months.

2. Our school building is in URGENT need of repair, upgrade and modification, if it is to continue to meet the educational needs of our children (ref: Building Bulletin 24th October).

3. Chagford Primary School’s Governing Body is charged with the responsibility to act in good faith for the educational benefit of the children in our school. Our choice regarding the educational welfare of the children is EITHER to remain in the funding programme and ensure we have a school that is fit for purpose OR pull out and hope for very limited ‘patch and mend’ money that may be available from Devon County Council (ref: Building Bulletin 21st November).

4. If a new building is the solution offered, the children will enjoy an internal space almost identical in overall size to the current building (ref: Building Bulletin 21st November).

5. The EFA and DCC have stated categorically and publicly that our youngest children in Chagford WILL continue to have an Early Years Foundation Unit (Ref: Building Bulletin 21st November and Blog Update 15th December 2014 confirming).

6. Engagement with the community will begin once a solution has been decided: refurbish Chagford School or create a new building. In this consultation phase, starting early next year, the voices of all stakeholders will be valued: children, staff, parents, governors and the wider community. Nobody wants ‘an ugly new build’ or, indeed, an ugly refurbishment. Instead, we want a school that complements our surrounding landscape AND meets the needs of our children, now and for the future.

7. The children will regain the playground, playing fields and running track once the works are completed, and our other wonderful assets such as the amphitheatre, cob oven, vegetable plot, wildlife garden, forest school, bee hotel, and bike shed will remain. A multi-use games area (MUGA) is now on our wish list, to be enjoyed by both our pupils and the community.

8. We will continue to act in good faith for the educational benefit of the children in our school, and will not lose sight of this responsibility when considering the future of Chagford School and its physical environment.