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Welcome back to the second half of the spring term, we hope you have all had a brilliant half term. All the children have settled back into class really well and ready to engage and learn.

The children were exploring and showing a real interest with our numbers in the sand. They have been hiding the numbers in the sand for you to find and we would say the number together to help and encourage number recognition. The children have also been making marks in the sand to represent numbers as well.




In our sensory tray this week we filled it with everyday objects like, pens, glue, saucepan, scissors, knife, sponge, cup, and each child took the challenge to name and describe what each item was used for. For an extension of this activity to really challenge their thinking we have been asking what the items are made from.



We took the children on to the big school play equipment so that they could explore a new environment and demonstrate how brilliant they were at climbing the play equipment. Most of the children were able to climb with confidence and some needed a little encouragement. All the children demonstrated that they were confident to climb up and down the steps.




We had play dough with number mats out on the creative table where the children were using various tools to roll the dough and cut the dough into pieces and use their number mats to help the count and encourage number recognition.


PARENTS: It is parents meetings next week so please make sure that you see you child’s key person and book an appointment, thank you.

Have an amazing weekend with your family and friends!

From Everyone in Little Robins class in our amazing Foundation Stage Unit