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The children have been hunting for numbers in the water tray and explaining to an adult which number they had found. They also had the challenge to count the dots on the ducks and match them to the number on the bottom to help and encourage number Recognition.


The children were playing a spotty dog game working together and taking turns. They had to spin the wheel then recognise the number and to find the dog with the correct number of spots.


We have been exploring with magnets this week, to work out which items can be picked up with the large magnetic handles. The children also went on a hunt to find materials in our Little Robins Class to see what items were magnetic.





The children all last week were able to describe what the objects were used for. This week as an extension/challenge they have been describing what the items were made of like wood, plastic or metal.  Also the children were able to sort the items into their properties which were soft or hard.





This led onto the next activity of sorting items that were natural and came from the outside and which items were man-made, come and take a look at our display. Quote from one child doing this activity: “That’s man-made, what items do ladies make” BRILLIANT!!!!!



After reading the Three Billy Goats Gruff story the children wanted to build a bridge and act out the story they were being lots of goats balancing over the bridge and Tina being the troll!!!!



Have a great weekend with Family and Friends from Everyone in Little Robins Class in our Foundation Stage unit