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Moon Landing has happened in Little Robins Class for our sensory play black moon rock sand!


The children were all going on a shape hunt this week showing awareness and similarities to shapes in the environment in Little Robins Class. They each collected shapes that matched their Alien shape box.



Some of the children were making play dough counting the ingredients and finding the matching corresponding number card. They were also using lots of maths language like full, empty, nearly full and full up.


The children have all been showing us how confident they are at being able to walk up and down steps on our way to collect books about planets to share with our friends. They have demonstrated that they can either walk up or down using alternate feet or two feet per step, brilliant!



We have been playing ‘Guess Who’ games with the children all week to model and demonstrate the ‘who questions’. We would describe a member of staff ‘who has black hair’ or ‘who is wearing glasses’. When we had modelled all the correct language the children independently starting asking ‘who questions’ to the adults.



We have been describing the different planets to the children talking about their various colours and size. We had planet cards to model to the children to show them that the words on the cards helped the grown up know what each planet was called. They have all been able to say the various planet names after the grown-ups.


Thank you to everyone who dressed up in something ‘Spotty’ today for children in need and for all your donations of money, let’s hope we have raised lots of money to help some children who are less fortunate then us.



 We have been practicing our dancing for our Christmas play making various movements to music!


Next week we will be having an adventures on the Moon!

Have a great weekend with family and Friends

From Everyone in Little Robins Class