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The children have been matching number to quantity whilst counting bears and finding the correct number card. They have been adding groups of bears together and counting large quantities 1-20. They have been demonstrating that they understand the shapes of different numbers by tracing over them with their finger or using a pen.




Our student had to plan an activity for number recognition and counting so he made spiders with the children counting legs and encouraging number recognition.


To extend and challenge the children’s learning we put man-made and natural objects into our sensory tray. The children were able to look and feel the various items whilst we talked about where they came from.


The children have been doing lots of various mark making in different forms this week, like writing their name for star of the day, making marks in the sand and using pens and pencils.




The children have been exploring different construction materials in our sensory tray each day!


The children were challenged this week to recognise different advertising logos for their literacy development. Most of the children knew the CBeebies, Bing and in the night garden. Next week we will extend the challenge to new additional logo ideas.


we have been entertained this week with some children singing frozen songs whilst playing the Ukulele’s!


Friday 17th March Little Robins can dress up as their favourite book character


Please be aware that we will be locking Little Robins door (Next to Big Robins Class), it will be locked from 8.45am – 9.00am until the main door gets closed and again at 3.30pm – 3.45pm at the end of the day. This is to ensure that we are able to safeguard all our children from leaving the room and we have all parents using one entrance to sign in, Thank you for your cooperation.

have a great weekend with all your family and friends

from everyone in Little Robins Class in our Foundation Stage Unit