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What an amazing sports day we had in Little Robins Garden! Thank you to all the parents who came and supported their children. You should be very proud of all your children as they were amazing at participating in all the races even when they had a wobble moment they tried their best!


All the children really enjoyed exploring the ice especially with the hot weather it made them feel really cool! The explored how quickly it melted with our hot hands, this activity did not last very long!!!!!

All the children have been sorting shapes into groups or matching shapes like snap, making up games to encourage interest in shapes and shape recognition.


The children have been mark making on post cards demonstrating their fine motor skills in holding mark making tools.


The children have been investigating various mini-beast all week like butterflies, moths, beetles, bumblebee and hissing cockroaches! YUCK! The children have been really interested in observing them through the magnifying glass. Each child had a go at drawing detailed pictures of what they had observed!



Parents please can you keep up with the good work of applying sun cream to your child before coming to Little Robins as this is a big help to all the staff knowing that they are protected from the sun.

Please can you empty your child’s tray they have lots of art work and draw tickets for you to sell please ready for the Summer Fair on Friday 30th June 2017 from 3.30pm – 6pm

Have a great weekend with Family and Friends

From Everyone in Little Robins Class in our amazing Foundation Stage Unit