The Children and Staff are all feeling tired this week we must be ready for our Summer Holidays! I can not believe The Summer term has gone this quickly only 5 more days of school! BOO! HOO!

The children have been making various puzzles and have demonstrated how quick they are at observational skills looking at a picture or shape to quickly complete the puzzles

The children were in Charge with our student to make play dough this week, they were amazing at listening to instructions and helping to put all the correct ingredients and explaining the correct use of language to our student, how many?, full, empty, brilliant recall from everyone.



Our babies had the bath of a life time this week having shampoo in their hair, washing their feet and hands demonstrating care and concern knowing how to look after ourselves.


BIG THANK YOU to all the work experience students that we have had in FSU this week you have worked very hard!

From everyone in Little Robins Class in our Foundation Stage Unit