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The children have all been using various tools in the sand, whist they have been exploring them they have demonstrated a good understanding of what each item is used for!

The children have all had the opportunity to make boats from junk modelling materials, exploring which materials would float or sink.  The children were all able to test their ideas by trying to sail their boats in our water tray.


The children have also been making boat pictures using various shapes to glue onto a piece of paper. They have demonstrated that they are able to create pictures using shapes appropriately.



The children have also been creating various shapes using playdough, sausages rolls, round – wheel, circle – egg and using various shape cutters!


Just a quick overview picture taken on Monday of how all the children are engaged at each activity, all concentrating, listening and being really focused at all times! you should be very proud of all your amazing children who we all feel are school ready after having such a wonderful start exploring wonderful activities learning through play within our Foundation Stage Unit with experienced committed practitioners.



Have a wonderful weekend with family and friends

From Everyone in our amazing Foundation Stage Unit